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Pixion Studios, one of noted players in the VFX industry of India and has recently delivered VFX for Oscar Nominated BARFI! Directed by Anurag Basu, The storyline of BARFI! revolves around the protagonist Ranbir Kapoor, who is a mute and deaf boy living in Darjeeling There are a number of subtle but significant VFX elements that come together to contribute to the grand success of India’s very own Oscar-nominated BARFI!. The movie has been chosen as India’s official entry for the Oscar’s next year in the Best Foreign Language Film category. A sweet treat, both visually and emotionally, BARFI! has over 500 VFX shots and the scope of work ranges from having to skillfully blend subtle, but significant CGI elements into the mainframe using compositing and colour-correction. Pixion has used extensive set-extensions with clean-ups, rotoscopy, wire-removals, chroma-keying and beautifully painted digital matte-paintings have been used to create a largely picturesque background environment since the film was set in an era that has long since past.

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