Professional Certificate In 2D Animation Film Making (PCAFM)

Professional Certificate In 2D Animation Film Making (PCAFM)
PCAFM Duration: 11 Months
  • Module I
  • Getting started with Animation History

    Understanding of Animation Film production process

    Fundamental of Drawing

    • Basics of Drawing
    • Drawing Principles
    • Object drawing, Light & Shade
    • Perspective Drawing
    • Human, Animal & Birds Construction & Anatomy
    • Color Techniques & work with mediums

    Assignment & Practices

  • Module II
    • Animation Theory
    • Principles of Animation
    • Animation development
    • Character Design
    • Assignments on Animation
    • Workshop on Clay Animation

    Software for 2D production:

    • Photoshop & Matte painting
    • Flash
    • Toon Boom
    • Combustion
  • Module III
    • Concept Development
    • Storyboard Designing
    • Understand technical Terms
    • Understanding film language
    • Workshop on acting

    Assignment & Projects

    • Classroom Assignments as per schedule
    • Final project of Film making
    • Show reel preparation

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