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Internship Cell - Aartissan Incubation

  • Aartissan Academy is providing facility of Internship to all eligible students of Aartissan. The purpose of Internship is to prepare students market ready by giving practical work experience of studio environment.
  • In the Internship program, candidates are required to produce high quality project according to industry standard under guidance of supervisor by following production pipeline. So that before entering the market they have an experience to show their portfolio. Availability of Internship program is subject to entrance test.
  • At the end of the Internship, Experience Certificate will be issued to candidates as per their performance for future career benefits.
  • So far, few Internship batches completed successfully & students learnt a lot about Studio production techniques in professional manners as they have produce awesome projects like "Nightmare", "Musical Agony" etc. under Internship.
  • 4 months hardcore internship program that empowers our students and prepares them to be competitive and most sought after professionals.

For more details regarding Aartissan Internship, contact at Academy.

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Aartissan – Autodesk Authorized Training Center
Aartissan – Autodesk Authorized Training Center
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